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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Still Alive

It has been a loooooooong time since I posted to my blog. The primary reason for the lack of posts is attributed to my laziness and nothing more. Anyway, I just came back to stuttgart a couple of days ago. I spent around 10 days in Cairo just to get a taste of Ramadan (Which I have been missing for 3 years). It was fun although I fell sick in the last two days before travelling
back to Stuttgart.
hmmm...what else?. Oh yeah, I just bought yesterday Apple's mighty mouse. I must say that this mouse kicks a**. There has been a lot of conflicting reviews regarding that mouse. I was even watching Diggnation's videocast the other day and they literally said "Don't buy it". I say, this is good mouse, go n' buy it. It is even now bundled with all the new iMacs.
The reason I am getting a new mouse is that using the powerbook's touchpad when programming is a PITA. I am currently doing a lot of Java programming (Eclipse), and using a mouse is just so much faster (scrolling, right click...etc.).

From now on, I will start updating my blog at least once a week so don't lose faith in my blog...it is still alive ;)


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