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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Traveling to Hamburg (Again!)

I will be traveling to Hamburg on Saturday (06/08) and will be back to Stuttgart on Saturday (13/08). I will be going by train though, I didn't manage to get hold of a cheap plane ticket.
But it won't be that devastating because I will be taking the ICE (InterCity Express), which is quite comfortable. I hope they have some AC outlets in the train where I get to plugin my laptop, Wifi access is more than welcomed ;). Anyway, I already have a couple of movies which I didn't see yet and an unfinished book. I guess that should be enough to fill up those otherwise-boring 5 hrs.

Oh, why am I going to Hamburg?. I need to sign some papers for the university (*puts on the rant hat*. Yes, again. We are here in Germany, the home of paperwork. I truely believe that If the world approved a law that you need to fill in a form to take a piss, Germany will be the first country to implement it). Ranting aside, A friend of mine will be getting married on Saturday (the 13th!) so I have to be there.
See you in Hamburg...


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