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Saturday, July 02, 2005


I just came one hour ago from "War of the worlds". Well, All I can say is that I feel disappointed like many other people that have seen the movie. The main reason for that is the abrupt ending of the film. The story of the movie is basically about the earth being invaded by alien tripod machines (a retelling of H.G Wells's classic sci-fi).
The first 20-50 minutes of the movie are the best IMHO. The visual effects in the scenes where the tripods break out from the ground and start blasting buildings/humans are insane and very well excuted. The real eye-opening thing is Dakota Fanning, Tom cruise's daughter in the movie. This 11 years old girl is a class A actor.
The movie ends strangely by the sudden collapse of the alien machines with no reasons or explainations whatsoever. Well, I was able to convince my not-so-happy-with-the-movie friend that the aliens' machines were running some variant of MS Windows ;)


Blogger Iyas said...

Yo dude that's hot-coohhoool dunno what it is! but The movie... SUCKED! Damn you Microsoft!

02 July, 2005 17:06  
Anonymous haithem said...

Not to mention the title of the movie "War of the Worlds", I didn't see any war "It's an extermination!", and what the hill are the worlds they are talking about!
I would agree with you about Dakota Fanning, if she didn't keep shouting all the movie, she headached me man :(.

02 July, 2005 20:31  
Blogger Asem said...

I have read somewhere (don't recall the site though) that this movie was supposed to be released in 2006 or later. But due to some problems spielberg decided it should be released this year. May be this explains the sudden ending of the movie. It looks as if there are some 30 mins or so missing in the middle of the movie !

02 July, 2005 20:39  
Blogger Iyas said...

Nop dude sorry to disappoint you! your conclusion is totally incorrect! i think there is a movie missing from the 30 minutes...
Hey Haithem... so it was not only me who got out of the cinema with a headache!

03 July, 2005 11:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, it's not like they didn't say what happened... the aliens got infected with earth deceases and died along with their plants. Now, the firt thought that came to my mind was "How come these stupid aliens launch an entire planet invasion without checking for deceases?", and then I remembered that the plot for this movie was written in the '30s. What did you expect? There weren't even rockets back then, and the author simply didn't think of that. And actually, I rather have the director stick to the original story, like in this case, that some of the awful "free adaptations" of classics I've seen recently.

06 July, 2005 17:07  

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