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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Speed up iTunes

I have been having speed issues recently with iTunes 6, scrolling through the library is too slow. So here are some quick tips to speed it up. They worked perfectly for me and may be they will for you.

1. Disable "Crossfade playback" and the "sound enhancer".

2. Disable "Show links to music store".

3. In the library, only display columns that you actually need. By default many unnecessary columns are displayed like "last time played", "play count", "Genre" and "time". You can remove them by ctrl+clicking the column bar and unchecking the fields you don't need.

4. Enjoy your new super-fast iTunes ;)

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Still Alive

It has been a loooooooong time since I posted to my blog. The primary reason for the lack of posts is attributed to my laziness and nothing more. Anyway, I just came back to stuttgart a couple of days ago. I spent around 10 days in Cairo just to get a taste of Ramadan (Which I have been missing for 3 years). It was fun although I fell sick in the last two days before travelling
back to Stuttgart.
hmmm...what else?. Oh yeah, I just bought yesterday Apple's mighty mouse. I must say that this mouse kicks a**. There has been a lot of conflicting reviews regarding that mouse. I was even watching Diggnation's videocast the other day and they literally said "Don't buy it". I say, this is good mouse, go n' buy it. It is even now bundled with all the new iMacs.
The reason I am getting a new mouse is that using the powerbook's touchpad when programming is a PITA. I am currently doing a lot of Java programming (Eclipse), and using a mouse is just so much faster (scrolling, right click...etc.).

From now on, I will start updating my blog at least once a week so don't lose faith in my blog...it is still alive ;)